Interesting space-themed gambling events worth your attention

As the name suggests the space-themed gambling is based on space and therefore it is always designed to lure in the users. Space themed gambling games are creating hype with every passing day and therefore there are events which are based on this theme. The best part is that the designs of slot machines are different and you will feel like actual gambling in space. The word space is synonymous with thought-provoking and it always leads us to believe that at the farthest corners of space there are many mysteries that are waiting for us. The theme is getting widespread popularity and therefore it is highly advised to take a look at space-themed gambling events that take place all over the world. These events are highly sophisticated and often require special apparel.

Bongo Bingo Camp and Furnace

This event is held each year in Liverpool England. The event is solely based on space themed gambling event. The official website of the event always makes sure that they publish the date well before time to attract more and more users. The participants are always advised to dress fancy before going to the event. The overall management of the event is superb and it is highly advised to space-themed casino lovers. Tickets can also be purchased online which makes the participation even easier. Advance booking is advised to avoid any hassle whatsoever. Always purchase the gambling stake in advance to make sure that you get your free entry tickets which are exclusive to such attendees.

Good Fellas gaming event

Good Fellas gaming event takes place in Vegas each year. It is highly regarded by the casino lovers from all over North America. It takes place in the building that is owned by Good Fellas and hence the facilities are unlimited. You can also arrange private parties which are also space themed. A complete floor of the place is dedicated to the event. The event also has different space themed games which are sponsored. It means that you can win as much as you want to free of charge. It is highly advised to arrange the space theme parties which are large so that you can enjoy to your fullest. Good Fellas is known for quality and this event depicts it completely.

Out World Entertainment

This event is organized by Scarlett Entertainment. Once again it is held in Vegas which can rightly be called as heaven for betting. The event completely spaces party themed and people enjoy a lot. Due to some titillating parts, it is not at all recommended to families and therefore only players are advised to visit. The online booking is open a week before the event and if you don’t want to miss the opportunity then book the tickets in advance. It is an expensive event that is for the riches and therefore you will definitely enjoy to your fullest. The event is covered widely and plays a major role in promoting the event management company and the casino where it is held each year.

Two major outer spaced games: an overview

In the past few years, the new casinos have been built around a certain theme. The aim of these themes is to offer the bettors a little different experience from the old casinos. This is a great way to make a name for yourself in this business, as it offers a different perspective. However, in these new themed casinos, the outer space theme is incredibly popular these days among the most devoted game lovers across the world, especially after Falcon Heavy blasted off.

Big Bang

The best place to start while checking out this game is by applauding its graphical interface. The game was developed by NetEnt, which has deployed some of the best and most popular casino games across the globe. Big Bang comes in one of the top spots owing to its incredible animations and an engaging gameplay. The visuals, starting from the sun, planets to the in-game icons is one of the reasons to why the game is so popular in the casino.

The gameplay of the title has been made quite easy and simple. The developer has selected 25 win lines. Along with the win lines, there are options of coin values and bet level. Moreover, you can either play this game automatically or manually. As there is no bonus round available, the Autoplay feature is really good to use every once a while. The developer has filled the void of no bonus round with a multiplier meter to have no limits on your winnings.

Where to find Big Bang

Big Bang is available at providers presented at NBSO online casino review directory (pour les visiteurs francophones, vous pouvez consulter casino en ligne le répertoire des critiques de et choisir le meilleur jeu). The online casino happens to offer some of the most the best and most popular space themed games. All of the games can be simply played on the website and don’t require you to download any third-party software’s whatsoever.  Every game includes a game manual that has been written comprehensively to get you familiar with the games and their bonuses that are waiting to be claimed


Developed approximately 2 years ago, Starburst is a video casino slot with 10-playline, 5-reel. Since its launch, the slot has made quite a name for its self and it is still amongst the most popular casino slots. NetEnT has made sure the game remains in high demand owing to its straightforward plot and simple gameplay. Bet range starts from Bet range stretches from 10 cents with a coin value of 1 cent to € 100 with a coin value of € 150,000 coins, this is also the biggest pot that you can win on this slot.

In order to win big in Starburst, you will to avail the supernova Starburst Wild feature that acts as a multiplier to your winnings. If you to avail this feature then you will have to wait a while to witness it on either reel 2, 3 or 4.

Where to get Starburst

You can enjoy Starburst and much more space-themed online slot games on many online casinos who usually hosts over 100 renowned casino developers. These developers have put up over 2500 online slots on those sites. The most interesting thing that almost every single slot comes with a free demo to get you familiar with the game. This just shows how much hard work casinos are doing to make a name for itself in the online casino world while also making it a simple and enjoyable experience for all the site members. So, if you’re into space-themed games then do check them out.

Why space-themed games are getting more and more popular?

Innovative Bookmakers

The bookmakers who also run online casinos are always trying to find innovative ways to please their current members and also to attract new members to their website. There are plenty of ways to do so, which includes new bonuses, promotions, and new games. However recently a trend has come up in order to entertain the bettors that is by designing space themed casinos. It is a great way to bring something new to the site members as every betting enthusiast would love to bet on a galaxy far away!

Win intergalactic wars

There is always room in outer space for some amazing ideas. The deep ocean of stars really makes us wonder if either we are alone in this universe or not. However, if you don’t have the qualification or budget make a landing on the moon, to fly through the milky way, have a glance of some of the amazing planets and stars, then don’t worry the space-themed casinos have got you covered. In these casinos, you will also have the opportunity to fight aliens while having the option to select sides in intergalactic space wars. Then after the dust has settled, you will also win bonuses and prizes depending on the regulations of the casinos.

All out space themed casinos

Apart from providing themed games, some of the casinos have gone all in on the idea of providing a space themed environment. Some bookmakers have provided some amazing backgrounds in their casino lounge which includes stunning moonlight theme with astral bodies like planets, stars and asteroid belts. These casinos provide hundreds of space games and are only adding to their collection.

Some interesting games

These games are based on some great ideas which urge the members of the site to play them. There is a game which is based on the Apollo Mission. Here you have to take up the hero role and make a great attempt to rescue your helpless space team. However, it is not easy, as each rescue is difficult and in order to succeed you will have to rescue all the members and a couple of aliens as well. If you are successful then you will be awarded fame and fortune.

It goes without saying that if the space-themed games don’t have the invaders from outer space, then something about this statement rings a bell. That’s right! Some renowned casinos also offer the veteran Space Invaders. The game offers great bonuses by the names of Ship bonuses, Invader bonuses and so much more. All you have to do is to target your galactic canon in the right direction as there will be also be prize multipliers from time to time. So, do keep an eye while playing your nostalgic game in the space-based casinos and win big!

Final thoughts

The popularity of these space-based casinos allows the bettors to think outside that box. Rather than playing the same old casino games, these intergalactic conquests fuel your imagination as well as your wallets.