The best sci-fi and space theme games on smartphones

Space is a very fascinating place and there are countless ventures that have been sent to explore the vastness of the place. Every other news about the space is highly awesome and it further makes the space enthusiasts gather more knowledge about the idea. The games which are associated with this theme are also highly engaging and make sure that the best entertainment is provided to the players. Formerly the space-themed games were considered to be a part of the PC or console only but it is not the case now. The developers have also created games for the handheld smartphone devices to make sure that these players never remain behind at all. The smorgasbord of the games will make sure that you get to choose the one that is as per your choice and demand. Another important factor is that the graphics of these games have surpassed the ones on PC.

Galaxy on Fire HD 2

The best part of this game is the fact that it allows the users to take complete control of the scenario that you create or choose to play. There are 120 different battleships and you can purchase even more.  There are 3 important storylines which you can follow and lead your army as well. When it comes to graphics then it is highly recommended to play this game. It has multiple scenarios to choose from and you earn asteroids that can be mined to get new characters and the ship parts.

N.O.V.A Legacy

It is one of the games that are highly addictive so it is always recommended to play it in your free time. It is free to download and install with the in-app purchases that are to be made to make sure that you get the best weaponry and arsenal upgrades as well. The shadow missions are the best part where you assist others in completing the mode that they are trying. You can choose from the various game modes and can also make sure that the story mode is also selected to overcome the odds.

Star Wars: KOTOR

It is one of the best games with a huge drawback. Though it is available for both Android and iOS users the game has been priced at $9.99 and there is no free version. You are bound to get the best results ever as this game as epic graphics as well as a storyline that is awesome.

Dead Effect 2

FPS or the first person shooting games has taken over the mobile arena as well. This game comes with the unique storyline as well as the best graphics. You will consider yourself a real hero while you play this. It is highly recommended to the space enthusiasts.

Out There: Omega Edition

You are recently awakened from cryonics only to find out that you are indeed in trouble. Upgrade your ship immediately to retaliate and also acquire the combat skill for this completely new environment. You are somewhere out there and only your will is your weapon.